Consulting & Coaching

How you can use your marketing opportunities and chances to full advantage

“Marketing is not working. Never before has marketing in theory and practise required such a radical change than in our time” (Professor Kotler)

The effect of sub-optimal positioning, irrelevant communication messages or marketing programmes can be summarised in a few negative facts:

  • 73% of all launches per year end as flops
  • only 6% become larger successes
  • 64% of all communication efforts for established brands and
  • 45% for new offers do not achieve a sales effect.

Entrepreneurs and managers have been saying for years that their organizations should be consumer-oriented and market-focused. Of course, expressing a goal and fulfilling it, are not the same thing. Gaining a thorough understanding of current and potential customers (or other stakeholder) is not easy, but it is essential to gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious and who effectively marshal resources and energies for their attainment or avoidance.

Anneliese and Ralf Mayer de Groot have conducted strategic marketing consulting and coaching for more than 20 years in all kinds of strategic marketing problems. Given the fact that marketing solutions always have to be unique, each project is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual client reflecting his market and brand situation. 

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