Better Insights Build Better Brands: more than 25 client awards in the last 10 years

What are the secrets of the winning brands?

In recent years brands for which Ralf Mayer de Groot carried out research and consulting services have achieved outstanding successes.

Four key reasons led to success – independent from company sizes and categories: 

1. Clients have unearthed emotional market drivers using projective techniques such as the Limbique Emotional Explorer. This is essential, because 95% of all behavioural „decisions“ are taken subconsciously - not rationally – If emotions are neglected that can have severe consequences: 86 % of all market segmentation studies results are neither strategically nor practically useable because they can’t explain brand choice. (Yankelovich, Meer 2006)

2. The winning brands try to dominate the core category benefit using the most effective subconscious cause and effect chains.

3. The winning brands check each marketing execution if it addresses precisely the key emotional market driver as intended and use „tough“ market simulation criteria to ensure positive return on marketing investments as well to gain concrete optimization advice. However 79 % of all companies which participated in a survey admitted that they are not able to predict the marketing return on investment reliably. (Fournaise 2014) If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. (Prof. Drucker)

4. The winning brands use the most efficient and effective media to reach those target groups which are motivated to purchase by the communicative execution. Media placement research has proven in numerous cases not only to increase media effectiveness by at least 30 percent, but even better to improve sales.