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Every Euro, Dollar or British Pound counts when you intend to convince and win new customers. Return on advertising investment is a key objective.

The best creative advertising doesn’t help if your communication message fails to reach relevant target groups. 80% of all campaigns do not achieve their objectives because relevant target groups do not see or hear the communication message with sufficient frequency to cause or increase an advertising sales effect.

However, innovative media planning is by far too often neglected in marketing and market research. Experience has proven that media budgets can be invested significantly more efficiently and effectively if innovative media placement research and media planning methods are used.

Germany’s leading marketing magazine “absatzwirtschaft” selected the ibutop case study as „Media Effciency Best Practice” case. Innovative media placement research and media planning methods enabled ibutop to achieve a 40% sales increase despite an advertising budget reduction of 32%.

Product and campaign specific media placement research can identify significant differences in media usage behaviour of relevant target groups. In numerous media placement research studies conducted so far the effectiveness of the media budget invested was increased by at least 30% in addition to the performance improvement of media agencies. Even better the sales performance of the brands advertised were significantly increased. We can hardly envisage an investment with a faster return on investment than media placement research.

Methods used: advertising effect pretest, media placement research

W. Reese; T. Fritzen; R. Mayer de Groot: Werbebudget runter – Umsatz rauf (Media Efficiency Best Practice), absatzwirtschaft 7/2004 S. 92 ff. .