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The brand Efasit has been on the German market for more than 50 years. The company Togal wondered if Efasit could be launched successfully in Great Britain with a very limited budget. A market simulation predicted a larger market potential. Efasit was perceived by a sizable market segment as innovative and superior to competitive offers.

Efasit was distributed at Boots the leading drugstore in the UK. Trial activities were conducted at point of sale. Additionally only two ads were communicated in the five most efficient women magazines due to budget constraints. Each ad carried a trial sample. Due to significant differences in magazine reading behaviour the effectiveness of the available media budget was increased by more than 50 percent by using media placement research insights which identified the five most efficient women magazines to reach the Efasit potential group.

Efasit was launched successfully.Its sales volume during the first year deviated only by less than 5000 products sold from the market simulation forecast.  This is another example of predictive reliability.

Methods used: Market simulation and media placement research


Publication: Mayer de Groot, R.: Effective Communication around the World Learning from Best Practice Examples, in: p&a international market research 03/ 2012.