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Initially the DYMO LabelWriter performed beyond expectation in the German Saarland test market, however, only 38% of the sales volume goal was achieved. This was despite intensive TV advertising support. The reasons were that key motivations for using the innovative product were not properly communicated and the advertising message was too complex!

Projective techniques unearthed the real market drivers for the innovative label writer. Based on these insights existing international commercial film material was re-cut and voice over completely changed. A tough advertising effect pre-test forecasted that the improved advertising commercial would achieve great sales success. - Relevant target groups were reached effectively via most efficient media based on innovative media placement research.
Thus the effectiveness of the media budget spent was increased by more than 40%.

Market results: National sales volume increased by a factor of 15 and DYMO LabelWriter became a great success. The advertising effect pretest had predicted a sales volume of 40.000 machines during the first advertising flight. This forecast was exceeded only by 201 machines or only 0.5%. – This is another example of predictive reliability.

Methods used: Projective Techniques, Advertising Effect Pre-Test, Media-Placement-Research

R. Lübbe; J. Kappelt; R. Mayer de Groot: Präzises Innovations-Marketing (Precise Innovation Marketing), planung & analyse 6/2005, S. 43 ff.

Publication: Mayer de Groot, R.: Effective Communication around the World Learning from Best Practice Examples, in: p&a international market research 03/ 2012.